How many licenses do I need to subscribe to use Splashtop Classroom?

It depends on how many teachers will use the service on their class:


If you are the only teacher using the service

Please subscribe 1 Splashtop Classroom to create Splashtop Classroom session, and by different plan, you could:

  • Share with up to 3 student devices: $29.99 / teacher / yr
  • Share with up to 40 student devices: $179.99 / teacher / yr


If there is a group of teachers or you are an IT assistant in a school

Please evaluate how many teachers will use the service then subscribe, 1 subscription per teacher:

  1. Please subscribe the needed subscription number at with your own Splashtop Account. (Same two plans as above.)
  2. Invite your teachers/clients to your team by their Splashtop Accounts.


  3. They then are able to use the service with their Splashtop Accounts.
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