Splashtop Session Add-On Module

The Splashtop Session Add-On (SSA) module turns the Splashtop Streamer
for Windows (v2.6.2.3+) into a local relay, so that 1:many shared sessions
can be broadcast on the local network, rather than being relayed through the
Splashtop Center server. This can significantly improve the performance of
shared sessions since the session traffic can remain within the local network.

If the SSA module is installed, the Splashtop Streamer version info will reflect
(SSA) in Splashtop Streamer -> About tab.


If SSA is not yet installed, the Streamer will detect that there is an SSA
available to download from your Splashtop Center. Streamer must be signed
into a Splashtop Classroom deployment of Splashtop Center (v2.3.15.2+) with
the Sharing feature enabled in the Splashtop Center license key and SSA
module available for hosted download in order for Streamer to display SSA
available. Click on the link at the bottom of Streamer -> Sharing tab to
download and install the SSA module from your Splashtop Center.


The SSA is a separately installed module for Windows Streamer. The local
relay functionality is already built-in to the Mac Streamer, so there is not a
separate module to install for Mac.

Known Limitations: Currently, as newer versions of the SSA module become
available, Streamers signed into a Splashtop Center do not have a mechanism
to detect that a newer version of SSA is available. Users can check their
Windows computer’s SSA version in Windows -> Control Panel -> Programs
and Features, and compare against the version displayed in the Splashtop
Center’s hosted download page https://[splashtop-center-address] to see if
there is a newer version available.

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