Splashtop Classroom Quick Start Guide

For the Splashtop Center Admin:

  • For Splashtop Center configuration and deployment, please refer to the full Splashtop Center Admin Guide and Quick Start Guide.
  • Splashtop Center version must be v2.3.11.15 or later to support Session Sharing.
  • Make sure the Splashtop Center license key has the Session Sharing feature enabled. If not, please contact Splashtop Sales to add this feature to your deployment.LicenseKey.png
  • Ensure that users who need the host/sharing functionality have user accounts in Splashtop Center and have the feature enabled in their User Policy.UserPolicy.png


For the Teacher/Host:

  • Install Splashtop Streamer version v2.5.2.24 (Windows) or v2.5.1.9 (Mac) or later, and login the Streamer to your organization's Splashtop Center. If unable to access the Streamer Session Manager, contact your Splashtop Center Admin to ensure that the licensing includes the sharing function and your User Policy has Session Sharing enabled.
  • Launch Session Manager from the Streamer Status tab or directly from the Streamer task menu. Set session preferences, and click on "Start sharing" to enable session sharing. Splashtop Classroom guests will only be able to join your computer session when sharing is enabled on your Streamer.SessionSetup.png
  • Alternately, you can start sharing remotely from your iPad or Android Splashtop Classroom app. Login with your Splashtop Center credentials from the "Login to host a session" link at the bottom of the "Join a Session" page, then tap on "Start a Session" to select the computer to connect to and "Host shared session."iPadComputerList.png
  • Share your session details with your session participants - they will need the Splashtop Center address (addressable by the network on which their devices are on) and your active Session Code to join your session. iPads running iOS7+ will be able to enter the session details by taking a snapshot of the QR code image on your Session Manager. Screenshot_2018-10-15_15.38.57.png
  • Use the Session Manager on the host computer to view session participants and designate which device has control. If you need to grab back session control or end the sharing session, you can do so at any time from the session toolbar.ClassroomHints.png


For the Student/Guest:

  • Install the Splashtop Classroom app on an iPad, Android or Chromebook (or Chrome browser on PC/Mac).
  • Type in the Splashtop Center address (must be addressable from the network that your device is on), Session Code, and your Name to join an active sharing session. If you are using an iPad running iOS7+, you can use the Splashtop Classroom's built-in QR code reader to automatically enter the session details. Photo_Oct_11__4_51_33_PM.png
  • Once connected to the shared session, you will be able to view everything that is being displayed on the host computer, but will not be able to control the computer. Once the session host gives your device "Control", you will see a brief "Control enabled" notification on your device, then you will be able to control the computer and the whiteboard/annotation feature.ControlEnabled.png
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