I already have a SMART board AND Splashtop Remote …. How does Splashtop Whiteboard help in my classroom ?

  • Existing Splashtop Remote users will enjoy Splashtop Whiteboard because it offers a way to annotate over lesson content, capture, then share or re-use that material with others.  We will be adding extra annotation features to Splashtop Whiteboard that will further increase its usefulness especially when multiple iPads are in the classroom.
  • You will benefit from purchasing Splashtop Whiteboard under Apples VPP – reducing the price by a further 50%.  We will not be including Splashtop Remote under VPP.
  • If you move to another school or classroom, or frequently present to others off campus, you can enjoy the benefits of Splashtop Whiteboard  without any additional tools or $$s.  Just connect, present and annotate!
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