How do I add or specify a computer I want to connect to?

Each time you start Splashtop Whiteboard on your iPad, it will automatically scan your local network, and list the available computers it found.  Usually, you can simply select a computer from that list.

You can also specify connection settings for a computer by hand.  To do that, start by tapping the Add Computer button add-computer-icon-_plus-sign_.png in the Title Bar of the Splashtop Whiteboard screen on your iPad.  This opens the Add a Computer screen with the following options:



  • Computer Name - this can be any name that helps you remember this computer.
  • IP address - the IP address is displayed in the Status tab of the Splashtop Streamer application on your computer, and must be accessible from your iPad.
  • Security code - the same security code you entered in the Splashtop Streamer application.  If you do not enter it in this field, you will need to enter it every time you connect.
  • Advanced:
    • Port number - the port number is pre-filled in the Network tab of the desktop application.  Note that Splashtop Streamer reserves three consecutive TCP port numbers, starting with the specified one. Normally, you do not need to change it, unless you happen to have other programs that are already using any of these ports.
    • Resolution - we recommend using the iPad native 1024 x 768.  If your computer does not support it, you can choose 800 x 600, or can opt to use the remote computer's native screen resolution setting.
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