v3.0.2.2 Streamer for Classroom (Windows)

Download v3.0.2.2 Streamer for Classroom (Windows)

* recommended to run on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10.


Download v1.3.6.0 Splashtop Session Addon (Windows)

* improve performance when hosting shared sessions with large number of participants.


For IT admins:

Download v3.0.2.2-pkg Splashtop Streamer for Classroom (Windows)

Download v1.3.6.0-pkg Splashtop Session Addon (Windows)

This is the *.pkg file to import into Splashtop Center for self-hosting Splashtop Streamer for Classroom and Splashtop Session Addon (Windows)


Download v3.0.2.2-msi Splashtop Streamer for Classroom (Windows)

Download v1.3.6.0-msi Splashtop Session Addon (Windows)

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