Step by step setup instructions

Follow these steps to set up your Splashtop Classroom trial and you will be up and running in < 20 minutes:

  1. Download Splashtop Center and install onto your Windows server or PC. This is the management console and proxy. We suggest using a server (or PC) that’s always on and connected. We have sent you the license key via email, please enter when prompted. Please note down the IP address at the bottom left corner, and ensure “Status = Running”.
  2. Create a user in Splashtop Center. (The quickest way to get started --> Click "Add" Users. Type in your email and create password. Keep all default values and hit "OK".)
  3. Download/install Splashtop Streamer for Classroom onto each computer you need to remotely control. Open app. Enter Splashtop Center IP address and user login credentials.
  4. Download/install Splashtop Classroom - App on your iPad, Android, Chromebook or Chrome Browser on any computer
    • for iPad: go to App Store and search for Splashtop Classroom app.
    • for Android: go to Google Play Store and search for Splashtop Classroom app.
    • for Chromebook and Chrome Browser: go to Chrome Web Store and search for Splashtop Classroom.
    Click “Login to host a session” at the bottom then enter credentials.

Now that you have all the software you need, reference the Quick Start Guide to connect your Streamer computers to Splashtop Center, authenticate mobile devices and start connecting!

Note:  In order to use Splashtop Classroom when your computer and client endpoints are on remote networks, map a static external IP address or DNS name to your Splashtop Center (default port is 443).

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