Introduction and Launching

Splashtop Whiteboard includes Splashtop Remote Desktop.  So, using Splashtop Whiteboard not only gives you the ability to move about the room freely, by allowing you to remotely control the room computer using your existing Wi-Fi;  but also the ability to annotate lesson content and have it mirrored to the projector for everyone to see.  Almost any kind of annotation you need to make is available in Splashtop Whiteboard, and you can easily save screenshots of annotated images as you go, which can be re-used later if desired.  If you lose your Wi-Fi connection momentarily during your presentation, don't worry; you won't lose your work in progress.  When it re-connects, all of your annotations will still be there, and you're ready to continue.
Tap the Splashtop Whiteboard button (whiteboard-launch-icon.png) near the lower right corner of the screen, shown below, to switch to Whiteboard's annotation mode.



note.gif  NOTES: 

splashtop-bullet.png  Additional gestures are also available during the time when you are using Splashtop Whiteboard.

splashtop-bullet.png  To see the selection of annotation features available, click here.



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