Getting Started

Splashtop Classroom allows teachers to control and annotate over their desktop and applications from anywhere in the classroom. Even better, teachers can share their computer screen with their students’ devices and allow students to collaborate directly from their own devices. Splashtop Classroom is perfect for teachers and instructors who want to engage the entire room!


Try or Buy

  1. Log in with your Splashtop account at to start a free trial or buy a subscription. (If you don't already have a Splashtop account, click on 'Create Splashtop Account')
  2. Go to the Account Info-> Subscriptions tab to subscribe to Splashtop Classroom.
  3. Follow the instructions at to start a session.


For Teachers: Getting Started

On your PC/Mac:

  • Download and install Streamer (v2.6.0.0+) on the PC/Mac you want to share.
  • Sign in with your Splashtop account on the Streamer Status tab.

On your iPad or Android device:

  • Install the Splashtop Classroom app.
  • Login with your Splashtop account to connect to and control your PC/Mac.

Start Sharing:

From your PC/Mac: Open the Streamer Sharing tab and click "Start Sharing." Use the Session Manager to monitor participants and grant control.

- OR -

From your iPad or Android device: Login with your Splashtop account to find your PC/Mac. Select "Host shared session" to turn on Sharing and connect as Host. Use the Session Manager sidebar to monitor participants and grant control.

Display the QR Code or provide the 9-digit Session Code for students to join your session.


For Students: Joining a Session

Install the Splashtop Classroom app on the student's iPad, Android device, or Chromebook or Chrome browser on PC/Mac.

Join a Session:

Scan the QR code. Open the Splashtop Classroom app and select the QR code reader (iOS7+ required in order to support QR code reader). Point your device camera at the QR code of the shared computer and the session information will automatically be filled in.

- OR -

Type in the 9-digit Session Code (if your device does not have a camera or does not support QR code scanning).

"Join" the session. Remember to enter your name so everyone knows who you are!


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    My student keeps getting not connected error message and we have to re join, he is using an iPad with the Splashtop Classroom app, I have the Splashtop streamer on my laptop. Is anyone else having this problem is there a fix. Suggestions???

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    According to the website ( I should be able to connect a Windows 10 tablet to remote from, but in the support documentation, I can only remote from an android or iOS device. Can I not remote from a Windows 10 tablet to control the presentation as a teacher?


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    Win 10 App per design works on the computer where streamer is installed. From iPad or Android device you can login remotely and control as a teacher.

    Sorry about the confusion.

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