How can I change my Splashtop Whiteboard security code?

Select Splashtop Whiteboard from the Windows Start menu to display the five-tab Splashtop Streamer dialog box, or use the icon in the Status Bar.  Open the Security tab; then you can change the existing security code.  A message will be displayed after a security code has been changed successfully.


Your security code MUST be between 8 and 20 characters long; MUST contain both letters and numbers; and may optionally contain the following special characters:

/  (  )  $  &  @  "  .  ,  !  '  [  ]  {  }  #  %  ^  *  _  |  ~  <  >


note.gif  NOTE:  In the Security tab illustrated above, the term "password" was changed to "security code" effective with Splashtop Streamer v1.5.5.0 and later versions.


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