Windows Streamer version released


In order to use Splashtop Whiteboard, you need to install it on your iPad;  AND if using it in conjunction with a Windows PC, you need to install Windows Streamer on your PC.

Features included in this release of the Windows Streamer:

  1. When entering annotation mode, the Toolbar will remember and display the previous settings.
  2.  On the Toolbar, the Eraser tool, Erase All tool, Undo, and Redo will all be grayed out when not needed/applicable.
  3. The pop-up windows for Save and Cancel have been re-designed and improved.     
  4. The font and size of Text, and spacing between letters, have been improved.
  5. If you have made annotations in Screenshot mode and then try to use Previous Page or Next Page, a message will display and ask you if you want to Save before proceeding.
  6. The Save/Cancel message will not appear if there has been no change. 


Please visit to get this latest version!

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